Why Strategic Planning?

Why Should Your Company Care About Strategic Planning?

How do you get real results for your strategic planning?

1.  Define the real issues.

2. Create the right team.

3.  Get the timing right for planning.

4.  Get the right metrics in place.

5.  Get HR integrated into the strategic planning process.

Diversity in the Workplace

Businesses are now realizing the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace.  For a long time diversity was seen as a box to check.  Now companies are starting to see the real, business impact. MORE EFFECTIVE TEAMS: Studies show that groups of diverse problem solvers outperform groups of other problem solvers.  Diversity and Inclusion brings…

HR & Business Mobile Apps 2016

“There’s an app for that!” ​ We have probably heard that so many times when asking about anything. HR has many new mobile apps designed for recruiting, screening, requesting time off and so much more.  And some good business apps include note taking, mileage tracking and more. Here is our list of useful and helpful…

HR & Technology Trends 2016

Human Resources continues to see major changes.  While some of the key parts of human resources continues to be top of the list (see #1 below), we are seeing changes in how we do things (and how we interact with other areas and people). 1)  Leadership Development Leadership development is still at the top of…

Finalist for Vetrepreneur of the Year

Karen Gregory of HRSS Consulting Group
​Finalist for Vetrepreneur of the Year 2016


We are so honored to be named a Finalist for the Vetrepreneur of the Year Award for 2016.

Our awesome representative, Rachel Castellon, accepted the award on behalf of HRSS Consulting Group and Karen Gregory (pictured below).






Leadership Development: What Is It, What Steps Are Needed, & How Do I Create a Program?

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT What is Leadership Development and How Does It Compare to Leader Development and Leadership Training? Leader development focuses on the development of the leader which may include personal attributes, behaviors, thoughts and feelings.  This type of development focuses on the person. Leadership development focuses on the process.  It includes social influence, team dynamics and more.…

What is mLearning And Why Do I Care?

What is mLearning? mLearning or mobile learning is defined as learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices. Is mLearning just another elearning on a different device? No.  mLearning requires a change of content and design to allow for it to be consumed on demand. mLearning condenses lessons into shorter,…

What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

What is a performance improvement plan (PIP)?  A PIP is formal process used by managers to help employees improve performance. What should be included in a PIP? Identify the performance to be improved / behavior to be corrected.  You need to be very specific. Provide clear expectations and metrics.  You need to give the employee goals to…